Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Mayle, now Lyell. So very sad to see another great Elizabeth Street mainstay go...


Monday, May 24, 2010

LCD put on quite the show last night. 3 down so far this year and still couldn't be more excited to catch them June 4 at Palladium in LA.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

A peek inside Net-A-Porter's lovely London office, where everyone gets a double screen. [via]

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Smoker's delight: this Margiela smoking shirt and these antique Whiting and Davis cigarette and lighter cases.

Yes, please. [via]

A few more geodesic domes (forgive my current obsession)...

A peek into Lisa Eisner's exhibit, Psychonaut, currently on view at Los Angeles' M+B Gallery . Nowness talks to the perfumer responsible for the transcending aromas that fill the room and, particularly, the beautiful geodesic dome.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

These will never get old.


Kanye West's House

Been dreaming of a stuffed animal Campana Brothers chair for far too long. More photos of West's not surprisingly, extremely impressive abode here.
The one and only Isabella Rosselini is at it again with the all-new series of shorts, "Seduce Me."

Surely the chicest Petanque set money can buy. [via]

Well worth the 12 minutes. [via]

Monday, May 10, 2010

Just started reading Gary Taubes' Good Calories, Bad Calories last night and already totally hooked. It raises a wealth of interesting questions about the links between diet and health, as well as the exponentially increasing rates of obesity and diabetes in this country. I highly recommend.

I Miss Cyndi

"I may have contradicted myself. My problem isn't actually with Lady Gaga. But there's not much in her music to distinguish it from other glossy, formulaic pop. She just happens to wear slightly weirder outfits than Britney Spears. But they're not that weird — they're mostly just skimpy. She's fully marketing her body/sexuality; she's just doing it while wearing, like, a 'fierce' telephone hair-hat. Her sexuality has no scuzziness, no frank raunchiness, in the way that, say, Peaches, or even Grace Jones, have — she's Arty Spice! And, meanwhile, she seems to take herself so oddly seriously, the way she talks about her music in the third person, like she's Brecht or something. She just makes me miss Cyndi Lauper."

-Joanna Newsom on Lady Gaga

Friday, May 7, 2010

Attn: NYC Cinephiles

A complete copy of the classic film Metropolis has been found in Argentina... Film Forum in NYC is showing the complete film starting tonight (through May 20). [via]
Simple tips on how to protect yourself from Nicholas Kristof's op-ed, "New Alarm Bells About Chemicals and Cancer," in the New York Times this week...

¶Particularly when pregnant and when children are small, choose foods, toys and garden products with fewer endocrine disruptors or other toxins. (Information about products is at www.cosmeticsdatabase.com or www.healthystuff.org.)

¶For those whose jobs may expose them to chemicals, remove shoes when entering the house and wash work clothes separately from the rest of the laundry.

¶Filter drinking water.

¶Store water in glass or stainless steel containers, or in plastics that don’t contain BPA or phthalates (chemicals used to soften plastics). Microwave food in ceramic or glass containers.

¶Give preference to food grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers and growth hormones. Avoid meats that are cooked well-done.

¶Check radon levels in your home. Radon is a natural source of radiation linked to cancer.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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