Monday, August 4, 2008

Italian Vogue Pays Homage to YSL, Rips Off Make Me A Supermodel

It's been a good summer so far for Italian Vogue, which debuted its now infamous “All Black” issue (which really wasn’t that black if you count the overwhelmingly “white” ads, but that’s another story...) last month. It sold out entirely, prompting a reprint. In its subsequent August issue, the rag is at it again with "Silent," a fashion shoot set in a cemetery, conceived in homage to the late designer Yves Saint Laurent who passed away earlier this summer. The spread is classic Italian Vogue: lots of black, a touch of goth, and a generally somber mood (not to mention not a non-white model in sight). But, it caught our eye for a distinctly different reason. Steven Meisel’s 12-page spread seems oddly reminiscent of Make Me A Supermodel’s 10th episode challenge in season 1 - a cemetery shoot with beauty photog Christopher Micaud. Could it be?! Is high fashion so drained of fresh ideas it’s stealing from last season's reality television? It is a well-known fact that magazines recycle editorials as fast as they recycle trends and cover subjects. But, from the rag that brought us the "All Black" issue, I would have expected more. Ironically, when describing the shoot on Make Me a Super Model, Holly says, "this is like Italian Vogue - something you'd see in a high fashion magazine." Guess she was right. While the similarities aren't exact, they're a bit too close for comfort. You be the judge when Italian Vogue and Make Me A Supermodel go testa to testa after the jump.

Silent [Kanye Univeristy]

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