Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Zoe Project: Fake Tans & Train-Wrecks Galore

Rachel Zoe’s new Bravo reality show aired a preview episode last night, and it looks good… like empty-calorie gluttony kind of good. If this half-an-hour segment is any sign, the series is sure to put both Elle’s Stylista and Vogue’s Model.Live to shame. Zoe (far right in photo at left) is an excessively tanned celebrity stylist who famously credited herself as more influential than couture's reigning Ice Queen, Anna Wintour. There is some truth to this, considering her stick-thin, bronzed, Starbucks-toting, boho-chic signature look is now the norm with regard to Hollywood’s young starlets. As you can imagine, the show is jam-packed with drama that’s too good not to be staged. There are tears, a flood (and not in that order), and, of course, the quintessential fashion moment when Zoe – clad in bug-eyed designer sunglasses and a fur shrug that surely cost as much as could feed a small village – tells her aspiring assistant Brad, “it’s clothes. We’re not saving lives.” You can say that again.

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