Sunday, October 19, 2008

October Anniversary: Eco-Friendly Jewelry With Inborn Fashion Cred

Like most good traits—prominent cheekbones and a full pout included—a sixth sense about fashion tends to fun in the family. Want proof? Just look to models Missy and Frankie Rayder, Twenty8Twelve’s Savannah and Sienna Miller, and designer Richard Chai and Odin co-owner Edward Chai. And, now, joining the ranks of siblings sharing the fashion gene are Petra and Olga Nemcova.

The latter (the younger sister of model Petra) is one-half of the team behind the recently launched jewelry line, October Anniversary. The brainchild of Nemcova and partner Alexandra Tavel, the collection is made from recycled metals sourced from eco-friendly factories--10% of profits of which are donated to Happy Hearts Fund. Currently, October Anniversary includes three collections of rings inspired by different natural settings—the seashore, the garden and the wild (think snakes and elephants). The metal working is in some cases unbelievably intricate, and each piece comes in either gold or silver. October Anniversary also includes key necklaces so nominally priced ($30) you may not stop at snapping up just one.

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