Monday, December 1, 2008

Booze Begot Radiohead Collaborator's Record Label

Artist Stanley Donwood--the face behind nearly all of Radiohead's inimitable merch and cover art--is launching a record label. Of the project's conception he has this to say...

'SIX INCH RECORDS' is a project that may take a little explaining. The story begins around the time of Christmas 2006, when I drunkenly decided to become a record label boss. Every man needs a hobby, or so the cliché has it, and if I was going to make a late-stage attempt at normality then that was one of the things that I should do. So, still reeling from red wine, I typed out a email to three musicians that I knew, suggesting that I release their music on my as-yet-unnamed record label.

Ah, the power of inebriation...

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