Monday, December 15, 2008

Cannibalistic Squids Losing Their Appetite

Another perfect example of fact reading stranger than fiction: it turns out global warming isn't so great for cannibalistic Humboldt squids (aka: Giant Squids). The increase of acid in ocean water, caused by our own cannibalistic tendencies toward Mother Earth, is making the utterly terrifying creatures lethargic. Don't think they're so scary? According to the Times, the squids "come to oxygen-rich surface waters at night in swarms of up to 1,200... and feed with such ferocity that injured members of their own species are torn apart." But, now, in most cases squids' metabolic rates have been depressed by as much as a third, and they're half as active. In other words, climate change is kind of like the South Beach diet for squids; only it's served with a side of anger management.

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