Monday, January 5, 2009

A Letter From Your Coolest Friend

The latest addition to my list of 'must buy' art/fashion rags is nomenus quarterly. Its new issue features such art world heavyweights as Alec Soth, Elizabeth Payton and the recently retired Metropolitan Museum curator, Phillip de Montebello (which reminds me I still haven't seen what I've heard is a sensational retrospective of his acquisitions during his three decades spent at the museum, currently on view at the Met thru February 1st). Also included in nomenus quarterly's latest issue: a conversation with fashion maven Sally Singer at her home in the Hotel Chelsea. Singer, Vogue's fashion and features editor, is a personal favorite and a true icon. And her musings on the magazine industry and the importance of fashion are an essential read (thankfully, the interview is available in full on the magazine's website).

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