Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Photog Michael Lavine On Kurt & Courtney, Love

Photographer Michael Lanvine has snapped countless mega-celebrities, as well as a slew of grunge era bands (from Sonic Youth and Soundgarden, to the Flaming Lips). In a recent interview with Feature Shoot, Lanvine discusses both his recent professional reinvention, as well as the story behind the Kurt & Courtney portrait pictured above. Of the latter, he says:

We shot the photos at my Bleeker St loft on the Bowery. I remember that my friends Andrea Linett and Janet Billig were there. I remember the ridiculous twelve foot silk lighting setup I used. I remember people having to go out and score dope. I remember Kurt telling me that the reason that he loved Courtney so much was that she was the only girl he knew that would stand up at a party and smash a glass table to bits just for the hell of it. I remember thinking that was a pretty odd reason to love someone.

[via Cool Hunting]

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